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The question is both a personal one, and a social one. "How do I know God is real?" We know God is real when we experience His 'dimension'. The seemingly invisible touch which you feel when it happens. God wants us to know that He is real. One way you can find out for sure is through a fun little experiment. Join me for a second and say this prayer:

"God, I really want to believe in you, but I need a sign. Please God, I am asking you to show me you are real, otherwise I feel I may lose you" You don't have to tell anyone this prayer, and it can be in your own words. If God doesn't exist, then He can't respond to anyone's prayer. If He exists, He will show you in a way that you will understand

The Bible states that God has placed eternity in the hearts of the sons of men (Ecclesiastes 3:11). You have an intuitive knowledge in your heart that there is "something else out there" and that when you die you will not cease to exist - and not just as a memory for others to remember you by.