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Church Candles

Dear Friends of Our Lady,

The Basilica Shrine receives many requests and calls from people who would like to offer the burning of a candle before Our Lady’s statue. Some of the requests come from individuals who cannot visit the Shrine or who live a great distance.


In order to accommodate these requests, we have a special “Candle Offering” program where we will light the candle for you so that your candle will burn for one week, one month, or any length of time requested.


You may also include your special intentions with the candle request.  Your name and/or intentions will be attached to the candle which will burn at Mary’s feet.


We hope this will be of benefit to you and please be assured that your intentions will be remembered before Our Lady.


Please email this form to us or call with your request. You can mail us a check or pay by debit/credit card by phone. 

For a Candle Request Form.

Purchase your Candles Online!

Please submit the form and then choose the "Donate" button below to submit your payment to complete your order.

Thank you!

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