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The National Shrine has expanded over the past four decades and has provided spiritual support to countless pilgrims and visitors. In order to accommodate pilgrims, the Shrine has expanded services and improved greatly over the years.

Unfortunately the financial obligations have outweighed the income. Repairs, maintenance and expansion projects have always consumed the meager finances.

In order to insure the future of the Shrine a Perpetual Endowment Fund has been established.

The purpose of this fund is to ensure the financial stability of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon and to allow for capital expenditures for maintenance, repair and expansion of the Shrine.


The Particulars of the Fund

Only the income from the fund can be used as
the principal will remain untouched.

The minimum donation to the fund is $50.00

Donations can be given in memory or as a gift. All names will be entered into a Perpetual Endowment Fund book which will be kept close to the altar in either the Prince of Peace Chapel or the Tower Chapel.

All donors, living and deceased, will be remembered daily at the Divine Liturgy, (Perpetual Remembrance)

Donations are welcome by individuals, organizations or from estates and wills.

If you would like to donate to this fund,
please contact the National Shrine or click the donate link below:

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon
2759 North Lipkey Road
North Jackson, Ohio 44451
Telephone: 330-538-3351
Fax: 330-538-0455


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