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What is a Pilgrimage?

A Pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place undertaken as an act of religious devotion.

A pilgrimage symbolizes life's journey, the leaving aside of daily activities for a deeper experience of mystery, the path of conversion towards the full manifestation of the Lord.

What is the Purpose of a Pilgrimage?

To give a special honor and veneration to a saint 
To make a request for a cure
To perform an act of penance
To express thanks or fulfill a promise

What can I gain from a Pilgrimage?

From making a Pilgrimage, you can gain an increase in faith and a greater trust in God.

Highlights of the Shrine

  • A peaceful, pastoral 80 acre setting

  • Barrier free access

  • Indoor facilities in case of inclement weather

  • Martyrs Meditation Trail

  • The Prince of Peace Chapel (capacity 450)

  • The Tower Chapel (Capacity 35)

  • The Shrine Gift Shop

  • Home-Cooked meals for groups (advanced reservations required)

  • Close access to turnpike/major interstates and lodging

Spiritual Activities May Include:

  • Conference Time 

  • Confession

  • Eucharistic Devotion

  • Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

  • Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

  • Rosary 

  • Way of the Cross 

  • Free time for Personal Prayer


The Shrine offers individual, one day group and over night group pilgrimages.

The Shrine has a recommended schedule to fit spiritual exercises into your day(s) at the Shrine. However, if you have special need, we will rearrange our schedule to accommodate you. Your pilgrimage director can tell you more. 

In addition, the Shrine can host conferences and pilgrimages in which participants may want to provide their own program and also celebrant(s) for liturgy while the Shrine provides the chapel, meeting room(s), facility, and meal(s).

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